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The musician

I'm Harrison.  I fell in love with the strings at a young age, and haven't stopped. Playing by ear, I pick-up with musicians and bands across different genres, but will always prefer some bluesy rock. Growing up on the Gulf Coast you're exposed to a gumbo of heritage music like the swampy rock of Florida and the jazzy sounds of Louisiana. These sounds drew me in and influenced me as I found my way. Music can be a hard thing to chase, as I found out on the verge of something big in Muscle Shoals a few years back. I was playing with a solid band, but the timing just wasn't with  us and our journey stopped before it even began.

 This experience led to a group of misfits finding each other and starting a project called Skinny & The Diggs. Today, I find myself in Nashville, picking-up with some amazing musicians and working hard to improve my craft. I'll be forever grateful to singer/songwriter Amelia Presley for pushing me to chase after this gift of mine. In this space I want to talk about real music and share a real journey as I dive head first into this life of late nights, collaborations and spiritual moments connecting with the music. I hope you'll follow along, be inspired by this crazy ride and reach out to collaborate on some amazing sounds. 


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